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Vote Jesus, The Chronicles of Ken Stevenson


Now offering private pirate screenings , including intro and Q&A by Vermin Supreme.

FUN FACT : From 2004-2008 Vermin Supreme  did not only run for president as himself. 
He also ran a parallel campaign as an anti-sodomite, fundamentalist presidential candidate named Ken Stevenson.

 The wacky results are revealed in VOTE JESUS.  Vermin Supreme presents VOTE JESUS,The Chronicles of Ken Stevenson  

– A Pirate Screening of Vic David‘s unreleased 2010 documentary . 

   Vermin Supreme stars, as anti-sodomite, fundamentalist presidential candidate Ken Stevenson. 

Vermin Supreme will be on hand to introduce and discuss the film with a Q & A after.

“In a trailer for the film “Vote Jesus,” the filmmakers reveal their plan.

Vermin Supreme, a figure who’s already some kind of crackpot persona, will pose as a man named Ken Stevenson and run for president of the U.S.A.

(To get the idea, think of a circus clown overlaying a Nazi uniform on his outfit.)

To garner votes, “Stevenson” will travel through the breadbasket and Bible belt and intimately familiarize himself with the “values” that they hold dear.

Once he arrives in Washington during election time, he will repeat these things back to them and hopefully, be the picture-perfect candidate for Red State folk.”- Film Threat



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